The Bremer Lloyd Fleet is being looked after by the Bremer Lloyd inspectors, Crewing and Commercial Management. Together they manage the nautical, technical, commercial and crew related aspects of the Bremer Lloyd vessels. It is their duty and passion to always keep the fleet afloat!

Fleet Management

In close collaboration with the owners, Bremer Lloyd’s inspectors monitor the nautical and technical management of the ship. In addition, we ensure that the ship certificates are up to date and we care and solve insurance and legal aspects related to  ship’s operation. Our everyday aim is to secure smooth and safe vessel operation.


Effective ship management relies on a well-manned, loyal crew who serve as our extended arm. United Lloyd Crewing, our independent crewing company, is the link that ensures direct communication between mariners and our shipping company. Thus maintaining close contact and prioritizing a strong relationship with our crew is the foundation of our success.


As a commercial ship manager, we handle the financial administration and operational aspects of the vessels on behalf of their shipowners. Our goal is to ensure efficient and cost-effective vessel operations, while also simultaneously striving to maximise the profitability for the shipowners.